Hosting your own Minecraft server can be a lot of fun! You can set up a whitelist so that only your friends and team mates are able to log in. It can be a little tricky to set up, but if you follow the step by step instructions below, it is not too hard.

In order to set up your Minecraft Server you must:

  • Make sure you have the latest Java installed
  • Download the Minecraft Server Software
  • Create a static internal IP address
  • Port forward 25565 in your router
  • Create an exception in your firewall for port 25565

So let’s begin.

Make sure you have the latest Java installed (Java 7)

You can download the latest Java from the Oracle website at

Download the Minecraft Server Files

You can download the latest server files from

Minecraft server download

Extract the files from the zip folder and save to a place on your computer.

Double click on the Minecraft_Server.exe program.  Let the server load for a few minutes while it creates new files for the server. Once, the server has stopped loading, enter “stop” and press “Enter” to close the server.

Open the file with your text editor (e.g. Notepad). All of the server properties are set in the file. Here, you will need to set the port that your Minecraft server will use. Find the “server-port” line and enter “server-port=25565”. Leave the “server-ip=” blank.

Save the file and close.

Port Forwarding

You will need to log in to your router in order to forward your 25565 port. For the purposes of this tutorial, I will be using the D-Link DSL-2730B router, however, similar steps should be the same for most routers.


Static Internal IP Address

In order to port forward, you will need to set up a static internal ip address.  Open your Start menu and search “cmd” in the search box. Open up cmd.exe, and type in the command “ipconfig /all”. 



Scroll down until you can see the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway and take note of both of the numbers.


Next, we need to find out the DNS server address from your router. Open your internet browser and log into your router (my router is located at, the same as the Default Gateway above).

D-Link DSL-2730B

Click on “Advanced” and then “DNS”. Write down the DNS Server Addresses.

PortForwarding DLink DSL-2730B

Next, open your Network and Sharing Centre, which is located in your control panel (or search for this program in your start menu).

Click on the “Local Area Connection” underneath the Internet Access Type. Then click on Properties.


On the “Local Area Connection Properties” screen, select the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”, and then click “Properties”.

This window is where you will set your static internal ip address. Select the option for “Use the following IP address”. 

In the “IP Address” field, enter an IP address that you would like as your static IP. I recommend choosing an IP address that is similar to your router’s IP address (perhaps just change the last digit). The IP address that you choose should end in a number between 1 and 254, and must not be the same as your router IP address.

The “Subnet mask” should be the same as the “Subset mask” address as shown in the ipconfig from earlier.

The “Default Gateway” should be the same as the “Default Gateway” address as shown in the ipconfig from earlier.

Enter in the Preferred DNS server and the Alternate DNS server details that you wrote down earlier.

Once all the information is entered, click OK. You have now set up a static IP address.

Port Forwarding

Now we can forward the port in the router settings. Log back into your router.

Click on “Advanced” and then “Port Forwarding” from the menu.

You will need to input the Server IP Address (this will be the static IP address you set up earlier). The port is 25565 and the protocol is TCP/UDP.

Your router should look similar to the screenshot below. Click Apply once done.

Port Forwarding Minecraft Server

Make an exception in your firewall

There is one more step in the port forwarding process, and that is to make an exception in your firewall. For the purposes of this tutorial, I will be making an exception in a Norton Firewall, however the process should be similar for most firewall and anti-virus software.

Open your Norton Internet Security, and go to Settings:

Then click on “Network” and then select “Smart Firewall”. Click on “Configure” next to the Advanced Settings.

Next, click on “Advanced Settings” next to “Traffic Rules”.

Click on “Add” to add a new exception.

In the Action Tab, you want to select “Allow: Allow connections that match this rule”.

In the Connections tab, you should select “Connections to and from other computers”.

In the Computers tab, you should select “Any Computer” to be allowed to access. You may also configure this setting to only allow certain computers and sites access, by selecting “Only the computers and sites listed below”.

On the Communications Tab, the protocol should be TCP and UDP, and you should select the rule to only apply to the port 25565:

Enter the following for the Advanced Tab:

Enter a description for the exception on the Description tab:

Then click OK once completed.

Testing your port

It is now time to test whether your port 25565 has successfully opened.

Open your internet browser and go to the site

Enter in the port “25565” in the port field and then click “Check your port”. It should say “Your ISP is not blocking port 25565”, this means that your port has been forwarded successfully and your friends will be able to play on your server. If your port is still blocked, it means that your router or firewall is still blocking the port. If this is the case, contact your Virus Software/Firewall and/or router provider for details.

Log in to your server!

To open your Minecraft Server, double click on Minecraft_Server.exe. The server will take about 10-20 seconds to load.

Minecraft server log

If at any time you would like to shut your server off, enter “stop” and then press return, this will ensure your server exits properly.

To log in to the server through the game client, login to Minecraft and choose multiplayer. To log into the server from the same computer that your server is running on, the server IP address will be “localhost”.

To log in from another computer that uses the same internet router as the server, the server IP address will be the static IP address you set above. So in my case, I would enter as the server IP.

Your friends will need to log in using your external IP address. To find your external IP address, you can go to and your IP address is shown after “Your IP:”.

I hope you have fun playing on your own Minecraft Server.  For any security concerns about port forwarding, please contact your ISP provider.

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  1. Thank you so much! I was having trouble setting up my server because my friends could not log in, but now they can after I followed your tutorial!


  2. Haze412 – The above tutorial is for a 24/7 free server.

    It is free to run the server from your computer. If you want to run a server on your computer 24/7, then don’t turn off you computer.

  3. Can someone please tell me how to login when it asks for a Username & Password once you put your Default Gateway in the URL?


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